Impeccable Relaxation I

As I’ve been integrating a hard stop time at 5:30 everyday for all work (let’s see if this can stick once classes start) and it’s been extremely helpful to keep a list of activities that fall under the category of impeccable relaxation. Each one of these can be experienced as a mindfulness practice, an integral part of practicing relaxation deeply. Here’s to relaxing our nervous systems, giving time to our desires, cultivating joy, and returning home to ourselves:

* Take a winding forest walk

* Design your ideal home

* Mindfully cook a recipe that you’ve been wanting to make

* Knit a friend a hat

* Make a video diary

* Attend to the eroticism or sensuality of life, whatever that looks like for you

* Take herbal tinctures

* Put on a facial and sing (this is mine lately)

* Unearth that article that was saved months ago and enjoy reading it with a cuppa

* Tara Brach meditations