"Perspective-shifting ZAP"

Grace Kerina’s old blog offers so much goodness. One of which (ahem…200…) are her Daily Creativity Prompts. Take a stroll, scribble them on scrap notes to hide and find later. Or pick one when you first wake up and have it guide your day.

Here are some of my favorites:

-What would you do differently if you had a thick skin?

-Rank possible solutions according to joy level.

-Dare to explore the dangerous shadows.

-Groan out loud theatrically until you laugh. Create from that place.

-Consider failure a beginning rather than an end.

-Whose rules are you playing by?

-List your beliefs about this issue. Consider them optional.

-Make every element more beautiful.

-Say out loud what you’d rather be doing right now.

-What’s throbbing at the core of this project?

-Brave a paradigm shift. Ask someone who’s wise and bossy which way you need to jump.

-Talk it over with a tree. Out loud.

-Pretend you’re doing this in a different decade.

-Trim the edges.

-Ask a child between the ages of six and nine for their advice. Be serious and grateful. (Then give them a treat.)

-Describe the outfit your muse is wearing.

-Double-dare yourself.

-Launch a trial and error extravaganza.

-What would a happy eight-year-old do at this point?