Mood boards

I love interior mood boards so much. It was one of my favorite hobbies growing up, to gather images from magazines and craft a dream space. Around age 14, I created ‘design binders’: meticulously collected and archived images in page protectors that I could use a references and clippings for creating these boards (this binder collection grew to occupy the entire top shelf of my closet). The hobby has found me again through an incredible discovery of Readymag, which essentially allows you to make online books or portfolios pieces (like a simplified photoshop or indesign). And it’s been a lifesaver without either of those programs on this ancient laptop!

I just posted up some beginning drafts of room concepts…next up are complete sketches! Trying to be more public (online and offline) about my creative joys and practicing sharing these while I’m still knee-deep in the process, instead of showing only the polished resolution.

Each current project includes a full on dreamy ideal of the room (studio, kitchen, and foyer), a more budget friendly version, and (soon to be) before and afters. The main point of this was to begin drafting concepts and crafting design notes, I’m still determining if/when the after shots will be published. Here’s where it stands now!




If you’re reading this, thank you for witnessing my timid creative sharing…It might not seem like a big deal, especially with a background of sharing things constantly with undergraduate art critiques, but for me, sharing paintings was a comfort while I kept my other, private creative joys just that, private and hidden from others. I think that sharing creativity to be witnessed by others is inherently vulnerable and destabilizing — whether it’s a poem, a dance, or a sculpture — it’s a bearing of one’s soul for others to assess (whether in negative criticism or positive celebration). I’m navigating sharing for the sake of sharing and learning to do this with respectful disregard for the assessment. That, to me, is a creative act in itself!

That’s all to say that revisiting this passion of drafting up room concepts feels so deliciously inspiring and personal, and I'll be posting some of them here in case it sparks anything for anyone else: whether unearthing a buried joy or encouraging a bit of daydreaming and creative 'moodling'.