“Gardens and houses are such whimsical things! This old house of ours had been so long untreated that it was fairly petulant and querelous when I began studying it. It asked questions at every turn and seemed surprised when they were answered. The house was delightfully rambling, with a tiny entrance hall, and narrow stairs, and sudden up and down steps from one room to another like the old, old house one associates with faraway places and old times.” - Elsie de Wolfe


Also, how dreamy do these rooms sound??

“A door made of little square panes of mirrors was placed where it would deceive the old hall into thinking itself a spacious thing...the woodwork was painting a soft grey green. Finally, I had my collection of old french costume prints set against the wall as a frieze...another little thing: i covered the handrail with a soft grey green velvet of the same tone as the woodwork and the effect was so very good and the touch of it so very nice that many of my friends straightaway adopted the idea.”

“The drawing room is a pleasant, friendly place, full of quiet color. The walls are a deep cream color and the floor is covered with a beautiful Savonnerie rug. There are many beautiful old chairs covered with Aubusson tapestry, and other chairs and sofas covered with rose colored brocade...I believe in plenty of optimism and white paint, comfortable chairs with lights beside them, open fires on the hearth and flowers wherever they “belong”, mirrors and sunshine in all rooms.”