Journey of Inner Awakening

Clare Dubois is a force — and the Journey of Inner Awakening is just one exemplary facet. Her work is always powerful and one of the reasons that a portion of Regarding Dew’s profits support the mission of Tree Sisters.

Maurice Denis, 1891

Maurice Denis, 1891

I’ve had this on my list to do for about a year now, always putting it off because I wanted to really dive in and give it my full attention. Welllll it’s being launched again starting in about a week on the full moon, July 18. It’s free, it’s a beautiful community, and a rich pool of resources — the content that Tree Sisters puts out and their clarity of mission and impact is astounding. The program is supported by online resources of podcasts, videos, etc., a live monthly call on each full moon, and a private social media platform called the Nest (similar to Commune if you’ve used that)

If you’re reading this in time, I hope that you take it up as a divine nudge ;)

And if you’re reading this late, there is no ending date (from my knowledge), so feel free to dive in whenever if you feel hungry to replenish and reconnect with yourself.