In many ways, autumn is a season of declaring. Summer’s sliding out can feel like a second New Year, a crisp finale of color before hunkering down for the winter. The last quarter before the tumble of anticipated resolutions come January.

  Making a declaration to myself can feel scary. It can also feel natural, liberating. It takes a hazy floating desire—or in some cases, an under-attended need—and grounds it in my view. The power in declaring, I’ve found, is in saying it out loud. Embodied declaration, so the cells know too.

  The catch: there is no need to have the answers as to how the declaration will materialize. My mind likes to pounce on the logistics, but it feels richer to let a declaration just be itself: awareness and proclamation. Declaring is an invitation to relax to the mystery of life, an opening to expanded possibilities that are just waiting for us to say, “I see you!” The figuring out happens later, usually in a clumsy (sometimes graceful!) step by step sort of way.

Sometimes a declaration is of an intention, calling in the nourishment we need:
When I am taking steps outside of my comfort zone and fear rears its powerful head, I choose to give myself a big hug and meet fear with compassion instead of criticism. A gentle “I’m here. This is really hard.”

It can also be a declaration of release, removing oneself from dynamics or beliefs that feel heavy and wrong, no matter the reason:
I am letting go of being nice and accommodating, and I am stepping into deep kindness. I choose deep kindness even when it requires uncomfortable boundaries, disappointing people, and standing alone in my view. 

And declarations can be playful, obvious, and eager to spring into being!
I choose to celebrate today’s fullness and messiness simply as a gift of being alive.

Here is mine for the next couple weeks:
I am letting go of the hamster wheel of doing,
the hamster wheel of rushing and busyness,
of displacing power in subtle ways,
of forgetting how much bellies love deep breaths,
and neglecting innate luminosity through grinding self-doubt.
I choose life-giving, value-led, vision-inspired Being
I choose expansion, again and again,
as I savor an ever-widening heart

What declaration in your life is waiting to be embraced? 

Yours in daring declaration,