Succulent wild woman means "living fully, richly, rarely, and reveling in ordinary and extraordinary moments... I believe we must live untamed, juicy, and abundantly as women"

Maya Angelou said SARK's magical books should fill every child's book bag and I wholeheartedly agree. I'm sharing these thoughts here because I found a random blog post a while ago about Getting Clear by Anne Kent Rush and it was a total game changer. It's vital to shhaaarree these delicious resources. 

"We need you as an alive and awake woman, listening and contributing. Wake up your creative genius and let it out into the world. Wake up your power and use it wisely. Wake up to your pain and investigate it. Wake up the dull old parts that are hiding from the light. Wake up to love and let it flood through you."

SARK is a powerhouse of insights, playful suggestions, and loving encouragement. She is a massive supporter of talking to strangers (something Chicagoans could use a little help in...), traveling alone as women and feeling safe doing so, extending surprising invitations, and napping often without the burden of guilt. She says that "choosing succulence is a deliberate act of personal revolution. It means waking up! Embracing your true self, studying your patterns, and letting out your most alive self."

Here’s to choosing to see with especially "succulent eyes" as December commences.